The Time of Existence, video 3 min. 4 s., mp4, 2020

The video you watched consists of embryo images and shows the baby's formation process. The music that accompanies the video emphasizes the purity of the creation process and its development over time.

This video is dedicated to the Turkish poet Oruç Aruoba, who has recently passed away, mastering the definition of TIME.

“You're not a coincidence: it's a point that my strange life has to reach...”– Dilay KOCOGULLARI / May, 2020–


Dilay KOCOGULLARI / May, 2020

Since I backed to Turkey from Poland, while walking along the beach, looking to the Aegean Sea every day. Nature awaits respect from us throughout this epidemic. The Aegean Sea you see in the picture has never been this calm. Now we are here and we expect nature to forgive us.Due to the virus, before closing Poland's borders, I returned to Izmir, Turkey the city where I grew up .Of course, the sea calmed me.I am in the middle of the Aegean Sea, where I find myself and sometimes lose myself, that is, for me the beginning of everything. Where I feel the most secure. I look forward to where our lives will go.I walk on the same beach every day. Nature is calmer than me, as it should be.